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Every business should keep detailed records, and your online auction business is no exception. Whether you use an auction management service that offers report generation, a financial-management program like Quicken, or your own homemade spreadsheet or database, you need to track what you’re doing. In particular, you want to track unit cost and final selling […]

If you need to be launching several hundred auctions a week, where do you find all those items to list? It’s a simple fact that you can’t become a power seller by listing onesies and twosies. Instead, you need to find an item you can buy in bulk, and then list multiples of that item […]

How easy is it to turn your online auction hobby into a profitable business? It’s all a matter of volume and good business planning and management. Let’s consider an example. Caitlin has found a source for iron-on transfers for T-shirts and sweatshirts. She can buy these transfers for $1 each and (based on her experience […]

Chances are you’re just starting out on your online auction adventures learning how to buy and sell and take advantage of everything eBay has to offer. As you gain more experience, however, you may decide that you’re pretty good at the whole thing, and start to wonder what it might take to ramp up your […]

Many eBay users are zealous about their feedback ratings. Although it’s a good thing to want to build up a high rating, some users get quite obsessive about it.  For that reason, you want to be very sure of yourself before you leave negative feedback about a user. Some overly zealous users might retaliate by […]

Buying Page The Items I’ve Won list is worth an extra glance. Not only does it list those auctions in which you’re the winning bidder, but it also includes an Action column that lets you know what you need to do next for each itemleave feedback, view payment status, and so on. Click the link […]

The My Summary view, is the default view when you access My eBay. It consists of several distinct sections: My Messages, which contains important messages from eBay or from other sellers and buyers. Buying Reminders, which prompts you about actions you need to take regarding those items you’ve recently purchased. Selling Reminders, which prompts you […]

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