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You can click a tab to view All Feedback Received, just those comments From Buyers or From Sellers, or comments that this user Left for Others. You can leave feedback from any item listing page; just click the Leave Feedback link. When you see the Leave Feedback page, you can choose to leave Positive, Negative, […]

eBay regards its feedback function as the best protection against fraudulent transactions. I certainly recommend that, whether a transaction went swell or went south, you leave feedback about your partner in every transaction. I know that I check the feedback rating of every seller I choose to deal with; it really is a good way […]

You can also read the individual comments left by other users by going to the user’s Member Profile page. To access this page, just click the user’s name or feedback number. You can also use the Member Profile page to read feedback comments about you just click your own member name on any page. (Even […]

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  • Con Heagney: I purchased an excaator for £11000 through ebay and transfered the funds to ebays bank account, pro [...]
  • V S Agarwal: Ebay and paypal helping scammers to cheat buyers. Seller get registration on ebay with only user id [...]
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