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Good photographs sell items on eBay and help you maximize the sale prices of the items you sell on eBay. Poor photographs are a handicap to eBay sales. Average photographs will generate an average amount of interest for an item and consequently will not bring the maximum number of bidders or the maximum potential winning […]

Here are the key points to remember: If you’re selling more than $1,000 per month, you may be eligible for eBay’s PowerSeller program. To turn your eBay hobby into a money-making profession, you need to start with some detailed business and financial planning. Most power sellers specialize in a specific type of itemand buy it […]

The final step in your creation of a successful eBay business is to set up your own online storefront to offer additional merchandise to your auction customers. If you’re selling printer cartridges, direct your buyers to your online store selling paper and other printer supplies. If you’re selling collectibles, direct your buyers to your online […]

How easy is it to turn your online auction hobby into a profitable business? It’s all a matter of volume and good business planning and management. Let’s consider an example. Caitlin has found a source for iron-on transfers for T-shirts and sweatshirts. She can buy these transfers for $1 each and (based on her experience […]

You should leave feedback at the end of every auctionwhether it was a positive or a negative experience for you. Don’t miss your chance to inform other eBay users about the quality of the person you just got done dealing with. Transaction Feedback Comments Transaction transpires in a timely fashion. Positive “Great transaction. Fast payment/shipment. […]

The great thing about the About Me page is that it’s a page with an unchanging URL that always lists your current auctions. When you want to direct other users to your eBay auctions, it’s easier to direct them to your About Me page than it is to enter the individual URLs for all your […]

eBay’s About Me page is a personal web page just for you. It’s a great way to personalize the eBay experience, tell a little about yourself, and inspire bidder trust. It’s also easy to dono HTML coding necessary. You can view any user’s About Me page by clicking the Me icon next to his or […]

Each of the My eBay views can be personalized according to your personal tastes. Let’s take a quick look at these common view management features. My eBay is such a useful tool that I make it my primary gateway to the entire eBay site. I never use eBay’s home pageI use My eBay instead. It’s […]

You access My eBay from any eBay page by clicking the My eBay link on the Navigation Bar. This opens My eBay in the My Summary view, which (as we’ll discuss in a moment) presents a general overview of all your current auction activity. My eBay actually offers several different pages, which you access by […]

If you have a house or other type of real estate to sell, you can list it for auction on the eBay Real Estate site ( Or if you don’t quite trust the auction format for something this expensive, you can use eBay to create a traditional real estate listing, like the kind a realtor […]

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