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Here’s what you don’t do: Drop your item in an empty box and then seal it up. A loose item in a big box will bounce around and get damaged, guaranteed. (Imagine your box being tossed around by a bunch of gorillas in a parking lot, and you get an accurate picture of what most […]

After you have all your shipping supplies assembled, all you need to do is put your item in a box and seal it up. Easy, right? Not really and the consequences of choosing the wrong container can be both disastrous and unnecessarily expensive. First, you have to decide whether to use a box or an […]

So where do you find all these packing materials and shipping containers? Lots of places. First, some boxes are free. If you’re shipping via the U.S. Postal Service, you can get free Priority Mail and Express Mail boxes, envelopes, and tubes. Some post offices carry these free containers, or you can order in bulk (but […]

Before you ship, you have to pack which doesn’t sound too terribly difficult. However, if you pick the wrong container, don’t cushion the contents properly, don’t seal it securely, or mislabel the whole thing, you could risk damaging the contents during shippingor, even worse, sending it to the wrong recipient. Even if you think you […]

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