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1 May 2009

You can also read the individual comments left by other users by going to the user’s Member Profile page. To access this page, just click the user’s name or feedback number.

You can also use the Member Profile page to read feedback comments about you just click your own member name on any page. (Even more convenient: Go to your My eBay Feedback page.)

The Member Profile page, includes a lot of information you can use to judge the trustworthiness of other users. At the top of the page is the user’s Feedback Score, followed by the Positive Feedback percentage. You’ll also see the raw numbersthe number of members who left positive feedback, and the number who left negative feedback. Recent feedback ratings are summarized in the Recent Ratings table.

To the right of the Recent Ratings Table are links you can use to find out even more about this userhis ID History, current Items for Sale, a link to his eBay Store (if he has one), and a similar link to his About Me page (again, if he has one). Below these links is a Contact Member button; click this to send an e-mail to this user.

Below the summary information is a list of all the feedback comments for this user. You can click a tab to view All Feedback Received, just those comments From Buyers or From Sellers, or comments that this user Left for Others.

You can leave feedback from any item listing page; just click the Leave Feedback link. When you see the Leave Feedback page, you can choose to leave Positive, Negative, or Neutral feedback, along with a brief comment (80 characters maximum).

Make sure your feedback is accurate before you click the Leave Feedback button; you can’t change your comments after they’ve been registered.

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October 27th, 2011 at 6:37 am

I know that people want to make a profit. But most of the people on ebay are asking outragous prices for their items. News for those people.You are way over priced on items and some items are not what was advertised. To many frauds on ebay anymore. No longer will I buy from ebay, we will not sell anymore either. I have to deal with people who have been outbid on a item and decided to turn it in a a fake, that only happend one time. Ebay handeld the situation in a very poor manner. They made me show proof that item was authintic. I was able to prove it, it just makes one a little upset that someone can make a bogus complaint just becouse they lost auction and ebay treats you like you are a criminal . Ebay is not what it used to be, more and more people are going to other sights to buy and sell.

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