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The biggest difficulty in selling to non-U.S. buyers is shipping the item. Not only are longer distances involved (which necessitates more secure packagingand longer shipping times), but you also have to deal with different shipping options and all sorts of new paperwork. Chances are your normal method of shipping won’t work for your international shipments. […]

here are some additional tips you can use to take some of the hassle out of shipping your eBay items: When you’re using the U.S. Postal Service for shipping, try to time your visits to avoid long lines. That means avoiding lunch hour and the last half hour or so before closing; avoiding Mondays; and […]

If you think the package might be lost in transit (it’s taking too long to arrive), you can always avail yourself of the tracking services provided by UPS, FedEx, and other major carriers. These services typically provide tracking numbers for all packages shipped. In most cases, you can track your package by entering the package’s […]

Aside from the pure shipping costs, you should consider adding a handling charge to the shipping fees your customers pay. After all, you need to be sure that you’re compensated for any special materials you have to purchase to package the item. That doesn’t mean you charge one buyer for an entire roll of tape, […]

Finally, and this is my new preferred method, you can choose to include eBay’s Shipping Calculator in your item listings. The Shipping Calculator is a great tool; it lets buyers enter their ZIP Code on the auction listing page, and then calculates the actual shipping cost, based on the shipping service you selected. (You can […]

Let’s think back to the start of the auction process. You probably remember that I recommended you include your shipping and handling charges up front so that bidders know what to expect. But how do you figure shipping costs before you know where the item is going? Working with Flat Fees The solution is easy […]

The USPS offers several shipping options: Priority Mail. This is the preferred shipping method for many experienced auction sellers, if only for its relative convenience. Although Priority Mail used to be predictably low-cost (with flat fees based on weight, not distance), recent price increases have left the service less competitive than before. (You also have […]

How often do you frequent your local post office? When was the last time you visited a UPS shipping center? Do you even know where your local FedEx branch is located? If these questions make you nervous, you’re not alone. For many users, the scariest part of the entire auction process is shipping the item. […]

For most purposes, you can’t beat the standard 4-inchx6-inch blank white label. Anything smaller is tough to work with, and anything larger just leaves a lot of wasted space. Stick with 4-inchx6-inch and you’ll be happy. You can purchase these labels at any office supply store, or even get free versions (for Priority Mail shipping) […]

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