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If you choose to relist your item, realize that there was probably something about the first listing that kept the item from selling. Maybe the starting price was too high; maybe the headline stank; maybe you didn’t include a picture; maybe the description was too brief. (And maybe you just have an item that nobody […]

Sometimes you have to do more than just track your auctions. Sometimes you actually have to change an item listing. Maybe you’ve received additional information about the item you’re selling. Maybe a bidder has asked a question and you feel that question (and your answer) should be part of your item listing. Maybe you flat […]

HTML coding might sound difficult, but it’s really pretty easy. HTML is really nothing more than a series of hidden codes that tell web browsers how to display different types of text and graphics. The codes are embedded in a document, so you can’t see them; they’re visible only to your web browser. These codes […]

Most of the item listings on eBay look the same: a paragraph or two of plain text, maybe a picture unceremoniously dropped in below the text. That’s how a listing looks when you enter a normal, plain-text description for your item listing. But then there are those ads that shout at you with colored text […]

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