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When all is said and done, eBay is a fairly safe environment to conduct person-to-person transactions. The vast majority of eBay users are honest individuals, and you’ll no doubt enjoy hundreds of good transactions before you hit your first bad one. That said, here are some tips on how to better protect yourself when you’re […]

The first line of defense against frauds and cheats is to intelligently choose the people you deal with. On eBay, the best way to do this is via the Feedback system. You should always check a seller’s Feedback rating before you bid. If it’s overwhelmingly positive, you can feel safer than if the seller has […]

eBay will never send you emails asking your to update your account and then provide a link in the email for you to click for that purpose. While eBay will send you emails (and lots of themeither informational or promotional in nature), they don’t send out the type of “instant account management” email.

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