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The My Summary view, is the default view when you access My eBay. It consists of several distinct sections: My Messages, which contains important messages from eBay or from other sellers and buyers. Buying Reminders, which prompts you about actions you need to take regarding those items you’ve recently purchased. Selling Reminders, which prompts you […]

When you have questions or problems with your eBay auctions, You can get tons of help from other eBay users, via eBay’s community discussion boards. Just click the Community link on the eBay Navigation Bar (or go directly to Click the Discussion Boards link to see all the different boards available. eBay offers discussion […]

Basics of eBay Video

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20 May 2009

Another Video from the eBay Tutorials Video Series: Basics of eBay Video [youtube][/youtube]

Here it is – part 4 of the tips for closing more auctions on eBay: Tip #31: Be Nice Remember that you’re dealing with another human being, someone who has feelings that can be hurt. A little bit of common courtesy goes a long way. Say please and thank you, be understanding and tolerant, and […]

Here it is – part 3 of the tips for closing more auctions on eBay: Tip #21: Slow Down in the Summer For whatever reason, eBay traffic slows way down in the summertime. (Lots of potential buyers are on vacation, and even more are outside enjoying the sunshine.) If you want to maximize your bids, […]

To better participate in marketplaces outside the United States, eBay has established separate sites for 25 foreign countries. Each of these sites lists items in the country’s native language, using the local currency. The list of eBay’s international sites includes the following: Argentina ( Australia ( Austria ( Belgium ( Brazil ( Canada ( China […]

If you decide to take the leap and open your auctions to an international audience, you need to be prepared for a new world of activities no pun intended. Selling outside the United States especially the shipping part of the processis much different from selling to someone in New York or California. One of the […]

One of the joys and challenges of selling internationally is communicating with non-U.S. bidders. Although citizens of many countries speak English, not all door do so well. This means you’re likely to receive emails in fractured English, or in some language that you might not be able to easily translate. The solution to this problem […]

Let’s start with the big question: Should you sell internationally? The answer to this isn’t a simple one. It depends a lot on your tolerance for differences (in money, in language, in routine), and your ability to deal with unusual post-auction activityespecially in regard to payment and shipping. The pros of opening your auctions to […]

Many eBay users are zealous about their feedback ratings. Although it’s a good thing to want to build up a high rating, some users get quite obsessive about it. For that reason, you want to be very sure of yourself before you leave negative feedback about a user. Some overly zealous users might retaliate by […]

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