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5 Jun 2009

Buying Page

The Items I’ve Won list is worth an extra glance. Not only does it list those auctions in which you’re the winning bidder, but it also includes an Action column that lets you know what you need to do next for each itemleave feedback, view payment status, and so on. Click the link in the Action column to perform that action.

Also interesting is the Items I’m Bidding On list, which presents all your current bidding activityeven those auctions in which you’ve been outbid. All auctions you’re currently winning are in green; all auctions you’re currently losing are in red. And, at the bottom of the page, you’ll find a set of links to various buying-related services on the eBay site.

  • Buying Reminders
  • Items I’m Watching
  • Buying Totals
  • Items I’m Bidding On
  • Items I’ve Won
  • Items I Didn’t Win

Selling Page

You use the All Selling Page, shown in, to keep track of all the items you’re currently selling or have recently sold. The page contains several lists of use to sellers:

  • Scheduled Items
  • Selling Reminders
  • Selling Totals
  • Items I’m Selling
  • Items I’ve Sold
  • Unsold Items


If you’re using eBay’s Selling Manager feature, the My eBay All Selling View page is replaced by a Selling Manager page. To return to the normal All Selling view, click the View My eBay Selling link.

One of the things I like about the Items I’m Selling section is the column for # of Watchers. This lists how many potential bidders have placed your item on their watch lists; it’s a good indication of total demand, and a predictor of last-minute sniping.

Like the Items I’ve Won list on the All Buying page, the Items I’ve Sold list is especially useful. The Action column lists the next action you need to take for every one of your closed auctions; click the link to perform the appropriate action.

Also useful is the Items I’m Selling list, which lets you see, in a single glance, the status of everything you’re currently selling on eBay. All items that currently have a bid higher than your minimum or reserve price are listed in green; all items that haven’t yet reached the minimum bid level are listed in red. And, at the bottom of the page, you’ll find a set of links to various selling-related services on the eBay site.

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