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10 May 2010

Your primary goal should be to take a clear, sharp photograph (or photographs) that fully displays an item. You also want to shoot your photographs cost-effectively, taking into consideration both time and money.  For certain items, you need to present photographs that have an advertising character.

The primary purpose of an eBay photograph is to enable a prospective buyer to easily make a detailed inspection of an item. Such an inspection
is one of the best ways a prospective buyer has to evaluate an item. Therefore, make it easy for prospective buyers. Provide clear and sharp photographs of the items you sell. Another purpose essential to eBay photography is to save you time, effort, and money in doing a necessary chore. You have other important things to do in running your eBay business. You need to spendtime taking photographs of items, but you don’t need to spend any more time than absolutely necessary. You need a workflow that’s efficient; that is, one that provides the highest quality for the least time, effort, and resources.

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