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28 Apr 2009

Next to every buyer and seller’s name on eBay are a number and (more often than not) a colored star. This number and star represent that user’s feedback rating. The larger the number, the better the feedback (and the more transactions that user has participated in).

How are feedback ratings calculated?

First, every new user starts with 0 points. (A clean slate!) For every positive feedback received, eBay adds 1 point to your feedback rating. For every negative feedback received, eBay subtracts 1 point. Neutral comments add 0 points to your rating.

If you build up a lot of positive feedback, you qualify for a star next to your name. Different colored stars represent different levels of positive feedback.

Below is the eBay Feedback Ratings Table:



Yellow star


Blue star


Turquoise star


Purple star


Red star


Green star


Yellow shooting star


Turquoise shooting star


Purple shooting star


Red shooting star

100,000 or more

Obviously, heavy users can build up positive feedback faster than occasional users. If you’re dealing with a shooting-star user (of any color), you know you’re dealing with a trustworthy and extremely busy! eBay pro.

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May 21st, 2009 at 12:36 pm

The points system is much to loaded since sellers can no longer leave neg feedback and neg feedback is removed if a member leaves and points hide the fact that a seller may never had sold a thing and purchased feedback to make the member look good and then robs someone on the first sale.

Type FeedBack into eBays search bar and up pops loads of adverts offering to sell you feedback for 1 pence ?

I run the site EBuster,co,uk and time and again i come across cases where eBay know of a problom with an account and yet do nothing about it and if they do then they hide all the adverts so any proof you had linking the scammer to other accounts is gone.

Just now i’m working on a fake gold scam from China and 100’s of accounts are involved where the pattern is to open a new account, get the same friends to keep buying items for £0.99 and then sell a few fakes and close the account as the bad feedback comess in.

eBay is doing all in it’s powers to help the scammers by hiding names and giving them new accounts and i’m doing all in my powers to stop them.


V S Agarwal

April 20th, 2011 at 2:05 pm

Ebay and paypal helping scammers to cheat buyers. Seller get registration on ebay with only user id and list any item as tangible and soon the buyer purchase the item as tangible and make payment to paypal, the seller replace item as intangible and sends url link relating to the listed item in the mail box of buyer and remove his listing from ebay to wipe off all evidence against him that he had listed as tangible item. Seller also removes his registration before any dispute is open. Paypal has no coverage on intangible items and buyer looses his money. Ebay and paypal have various filters on their site to seek help from them in writing. The phone call link has no authenticity and one can’t question on paypal and ebay for any violations. I have in my knowledge a specific case of the nature specified above. People had written to ebay and paypal but no result.

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