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Another Video from the eBay Tutorials Video Series: “How to run Your eBay Business Professionally” [youtube][/youtube]

Here it is – part 2 of the tips for closing more auctions on eBay: Tip #1: Make the Buyer Pay Stipulate in your listing that the buyer pays all shipping and handling costs (and you might even want to detail these costs ahead of time in your listing). Also, make sure that the buyer […]

Next to every buyer and seller’s name on eBay are a number and (more often than not) a colored star. This number and star represent that user’s feedback rating. The larger the number, the better the feedback (and the more transactions that user has participated in). How are feedback ratings calculated? First, every new user […]

The great thing about the About Me page is that it’s a page with an unchanging URL that always lists your current auctions. When you want to direct other users to your eBay auctions, it’s easier to direct them to your About Me page than it is to enter the individual URLs for all your […]

eBay’s About Me page is a personal web page just for you. It’s a great way to personalize the eBay experience, tell a little about yourself, and inspire bidder trust. It’s also easy to dono HTML coding necessary. You can view any user’s About Me page by clicking the Me icon next to his or […]

Each of the My eBay views can be personalized according to your personal tastes. Let’s take a quick look at these common view management features. My eBay is such a useful tool that I make it my primary gateway to the entire eBay site. I never use eBay’s home pageI use My eBay instead. It’s […]

You access My eBay from any eBay page by clicking the My eBay link on the Navigation Bar. This opens My eBay in the My Summary view, which (as we’ll discuss in a moment) presents a general overview of all your current auction activity. My eBay actually offers several different pages, which you access by […]

Here’s a tip of value to both sellers and buyers. When you have questions or problems with your eBay auctions, You can get tons of help from other eBay users, via eBay’s community discussion boards. Just click the Community link on the eBay Navigation Bar (or go directly to, and you’ll see eBay’s Community […]

Another Video from the eBay Tutorials Video Series: Find out what eBay consumers want. [youtube][/youtube]

All eBay sellers want to sell more stuff and for higher prices. Fortunately, the tricks of the trade aren’t limited to the guys who list 100 auctions a week. Here are 40 tips that can help anyone be a more profitable seller at any online auction. Tip #1: Research Your Price Don’t sell without doing […]

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