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Maybe you find the whole eBay process a little intimidating. You have some things you’d like to sell, but don’t want to bother with the online auction process. What do you do? If you don’t want to sell your own stuff on eBay, you can let someone else sell it for you. In essence, you […]

Another way to bypass the auction process is to go directly to buyers who want to buy what you have for sale. You can do this with eBay’s new Want It Now feature, where buyers create “wish lists” of specific items. You search the Want It Now listings, and when you find a match, you […]

eBay isn’t just eBay. The eBay corporation also owns a site called (, which lets anyone sell certain types of merchandise in a fixed-price format. List your items for sale, wait for someone to buy them, and then collect the money. In this respect works a lot like the Amazon Marketplace which, by […]

When a bidder backs out of an auction, you’re stuck with the merchandise you thought you had sold. Assuming that you still want to sell the item, what do you do? eBay offers the opportunity for you to make what it calls a Second Chance Offer to other bidders in your failed auction. This lets […]

After an Unpaid Item Dispute has been filed, eBay sends a message to the bidder requesting that the two of you work things out. (It’s not a very strong message, in my humble opinion, but it’s what it is.) You then have to wait 7 days before you can request a refund of your final […]

It’s on your shoulders to go to whatever lengths possible to contact the high bidder in your eBay auctions. This should start with the standard post-auction email, of course. If the buyer hasn’t responded within three days, resend your original email with an “URGENT” added to the subject line. You should also amend the message […]

Not all auctions go smoothly. Maybe the item arrived damaged. Maybe it didn’t arrive at all. Maybe it wasn’t exactly what the buyer thought he was getting. Maybe the buyer is a loud, complaining, major-league son of a rutabaga. There are really no hard and fast rules for handling post-auction problems. You have to play […]

What do you do if a known deadbeat bidder makes a bid in one of your auctions? Although you could just sit back and pray that the deadbeat gets outbid, a better approach is to cancel that user’s bidand block that user from ever bidding in one of your auctions again. You can ferret out […]

If you can’t find exactly what you want on the eBay site, all hope is not lost. eBay offers a new feature called Want It Now, which lets you post the online equivalent of an “item wanted” ad; sellers who have what you want can then contact you to make a deal. To get to […]

Shill bidding, which involves bidding on your own item in a deliberate attempt to artificially drive up its price. A shill bid can involve the use of secondary eBay registrations, user aliases, family members, friends, or associates to pump up the price; other bidders then have to top a higher price to stay in the […]

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