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25 Jun 2009
  • The About Me page is your personal page on the eBay site you can create it in less than five minutes, no HTML coding necessary.
  • Your About Me page can include descriptive text, a photo, links to your favorite sites, a list of your current auctions, and a list of your most recent feedback comments.
  • You can use your About Me page to publicize your eBay activities outside of the eBay site.

The great thing about the About Me page is that it’s a page with an unchanging URL that always lists your current auctions. When you want to direct other users to your eBay auctions, it’s easier to direct them to your About Me page than it is to enter the individual URLs for all your item listing pages.

The address for your About Me page is shown in the address box of your web browser. The address is typically in the form of; just replace userid with your own user ID and you should have the URL.

The About Me page is also a good way for other eBay users to get to know you especially those who are bidding in your auctions, or hosting auctions in which you’re bidding. Be sure to include text that positions you as a reputable eBay citizen and not some goofball flake who’s likely to cause trouble.

You can then insert this URL into your personal web page, your email signature, or any other item you can think of. It’s a great way to publicize your ongoing eBay activity!

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