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30 Jun 2009

eBay regards its feedback function as the best protection against fraudulent transactions. I certainly recommend that, whether a transaction went swell or went south, you leave feedback about your partner in every transaction. I know that I check the feedback rating of every seller I choose to deal with; it really is a good way to judge the quality of the other party in your eBay transactions.

Next to every buyer and seller’s name on eBay are a number and (more often than not) a colored star. (shows my personal star and feedback number.) This number and star represent that user’s feedback rating. The larger the number, the better the feedback (and the more transactions that user has participated in).

How are feedback ratings calculated?

First, every new user starts with 0 points. (A clean slate!) For every positive feedback received, eBay adds 1 point to your feedback rating. For every negative feedback received, eBay subtracts 1 point. Neutral comments add 0 points to your rating.

Let’s say you’re a new user, starting with a 0 rating. On the first two items you buy, the sellers like the fact that you paid quickly and give you positive feedback. On the third transaction, however, you forgot to mail the check for a few weeks, and the seller left you negative feedback. After these three transactions, your feedback rating would be 1. (That’s 0 + 1 + 1 1 = 1.)

If you build up a lot of positive feedback, you qualify for a star next to your name. Different colored stars represent different levels of positive feedback, as noted in Table below.

Yellow star1049
Blue star5099
Turquoise star100499
Purple star500999
Red star1,0004,999
Green star5,0009,999
Yellow shooting star10,00024,999
Turquoise shooting star25,00049,999
Purple shooting star50,00099,999
Red shooting star100,000 or more

Obviously, heavy users can build up positive feedback faster than occasional users. If you’re dealing with a shooting-star user (of any color), you know you’re dealing with a trustworthy and extremely busy!eBay pro.

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