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2 May 2009

You should leave feedback at the end of every auction whether it was a positive or a negative experience for you. Don’t miss your chance to inform other eBay users about the quality of the person you just got done dealing with.

Recommended eBay Feedback




Transaction transpires in a timely fashion.


“Great transaction. Fast payment/shipment. Recommended.”

Transaction goes through, but buyer/seller i s slow or you have to pester the other user to complete the transaction.


“Item received as described” or “Payment received,” accompanied by “a little slow, but otherwise a good seller/buyer.”

Transaction is very slow (over a month to completion).


“Very slow payment/shipment;” if you’re buying, follow by “item received as described.”

Other user backs out of transaction, but with a good excuse.


“Buyer/seller didn’t follow through on sale but had a reasonable excuse.”

Other user backs out of transaction without a good excuse, disappears off the face of the earth before paying/shipping, or bounces a check.


“Buyer/seller didn’t complete transaction avoid!”

Transaction goes through, but item isn’t what you expected or was damaged in transit; seller refunds your money.


“Inaccurate description of item” or “Item was damaged in ship-ping,” followed by “seller refunded money.”

Transaction goes through, but item isn’t what you expected; seller won’t refund your money.


“Item not as described and seller ignored my complaintavoid!”

As you can see, there’s a proper feedback and response for every situation. Just be sure to think twice before leaving any feedback (particularly negative feedback). After you submit your feedback, you can’t retract it.

Don’t get too upset if you receive the occasional negative feedback; it happens to the best of usespecially those that run a lot of auctions. You can’t please everyone all the time, and sometimes you make mistakes that justify a negative feedback response. Just try to work out as many issues with other users as you can, and don’t let the occasional negative feedback get to you.

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