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19 Mar 2009

Sometimes you have to do more than just track your auctions. Sometimes you actually have to change an item listing. Maybe you’ve received additional information about the item you’re selling. Maybe a bidder has asked a question and you feel that question (and your answer) should be part of your item listing. Maybe you flat out made a mistake in your original listing and want to offer a correction in the item listing.

Whatever your reason might be, eBay makes it relatively easy to update your item listing. If your listing hasn’t received any bids yet (and there’s more than 12 hours left in your auction), you can actually edit the original listing. eBay lets you edit your title, description, and picturesas long as no one has yet placed a bid. To edit your listing, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the item listing page.
  • Click the Revise Item link (located at the top of your listing, just below the item title).
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to access the listing editing screen.
  • Make the appropriate changes to your listing and then click the Submit button.
What do you do if you need to update your listing and you’ve already received a bid or two on the item? In this instance, eBay won’t let you revise your item description or details; instead, when you go to revise your item, all you can do is add supplemental text below your existing item descriptionwhich is better than nothing.

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