What If You Don’t Sell Your Item?

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24 Mar 2009

If you choose to relist your item, realize that there was probably something about the first listing that kept the item from selling. Maybe the starting price was too high; maybe the headline stank; maybe you didn’t include a picture; maybe the description was too brief. (And maybe you just have an item that nobody wants to buy!) You need to figure out what was wrong with the first listing and change it on the relistotherwise, you’re probably doomed to another unsuccessful auction.

Not every item up for auction on eBay sells. (eBay’s “close rate” is right around 50%which means that half the items listed at any given time don’t sell.) If you reach the end of the auction and you haven’t received any bidsor you haven’t received high-enough bids in a reserve auctionyou need to drop back ten and punt, and figure out what to do next.

Perhaps the easiest thing to do if your item didn’t sell is to try again by relisting your item. eBay makes this easy for you, by including a Relist Your Item link right on the original item listing page. Click this link to create a new item listing, based on the old item listing.

When you relist an item that didn’t sell the first time, eBay still charges you a listing fee for the second listing. However, eBay will refund this second listing fee if your item sells the second time around. (But not if it doesn’t.) You will, of course, have to pay the normal end-of-auction fee if the item sells the second time around.

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