Filing a Claim on Ebay

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20 Feb 2009

How do you get your money back if you’ve been burned? Here are the basic steps to take:

Go through the Item Not Received or Significantly Not Described Process, as previously described.
Somewhere between 30 and 60 days after the end of the auction, close your dispute and select “I feel I have no other option but to escalate this to a claim.”
If your transaction is eligible for coverage, you’ll be presented with a link to the Standard Purchase Protection claim form; click this link. (You can also access this form by clicking the Disputes Console link on your My eBay page.)
Fill out the Standard Purchase Protection Claim form, and then click the Submit button to file your claim.
Within 14 days of submitting your claim, an eBay claims administrator will contact you via email. If you’re asked to provide proof of payment, you’ll need to send eBay a copy of a receipt, money order, personal, check, and so on. If you paid by credit card, eBay will require proof of denial of reimbursement through your credit card company. You can mail or fax this information to eBay.
If you’re filing a claim for an item “significantly not as described,” the eBay claims administrator may ask you to provide a letter of authenticity or appraisal from an independent authenticator.
Sometime in the next 45 days you will be contacted by the eBay claims administrator. If your claim is approved, you’ll be sent a check for the disputed amount (less the $25 deductible).

I hope you’ll never have to use eBay’s Purchase Protection Program. But if you are the unfortunate recipient of an unscrupulous seller, it’s good to know that eBay is looking out for you.

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