Choosing Different Start Time on eBay

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7 Mar 2009

eBay also lets you choose a specific start time for your auctionwhich, of course, also becomes your auction’s end time. By default, an eBay auction starts as soon as the item listing is placed, so if you place your listing at 10:00 a.m., that’s when the auction starts and ends. However, you can pay an extra $0.10 and schedule your auction to start (and stop) at a specified time different from when you created the item listing.

This is a good option if you have to create your auction listings at what would otherwise be a bad time to end an auctionin the morning or early afternoon, for example. It’s better to end an auction during the evening, when more users are at home. So if you can’t launch your auctions in the evening, spend the extra $0.10 so that eBay can automatically schedule the start of your auction for you.

Using eBay to schedule a start time for your auctions may be a necessary evil if you’re not at home, at your computer, at the time of day you want your auctions to end. It may be better, however, to use an auction management program or service that includes this type of listing scheduling at a lower (or zero) additional cost.

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