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Setting the right price is very important. I like setting a price that’s low enough to get some interested initial bidding going, but not so low that it won’t get up to the price I think the item can really sell for. So how do you know what the final selling price will be? You […]

Most eBay users get started by selling items they find in their attics, garages, and basements. (Makes you think of eBay as a giant garage sale, doesn’t it?) But what do you do when you’ve completely cleaned out the attic? There are many places to find quantities of items to sell on eBay. We’ll discuss […]

Mistake #1: List in the Wrong Category You have to put your item where people will expect to see it. The problem is that eBay has all those categoriesalmost too many of them, especially if you’re not sure just what it is you’re selling. If you list your item in the wrong category, many people […]


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