Canceling an Auction

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17 Mar 2009

Frequent early cancellations may cause eBay to revoke your membership.

What do you do if you need to cancel an auction completely?

It happens, you know. Maybe you have an unexpected trip come up, so you won’t be home when your auction ends (and when the item will need to ship). Maybe you discover you really don’t have the item you thought you have. Maybe you drop the item and break it into a zillion pieces. Or maybe someone comes along with a better offer and you decide to sell the item outside of eBay.

In any case, if you need to cancel an auction, eBay will accommodate youas long as you have a good excuse, and don’t make a habit of it.

To cancel an auction in progress, go to eBay’s Site Map page and click the End My Listing link. When the next page appears, enter the item number of the auction you want to end. You’ll then be prompted to cancel all current bids on the auction and end your auction early. (You also have the option of selling to the high bidder early, if you want to do this.) It’s pretty easy.

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